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The Case for Masks

Nigeria’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been commended globally, but we have an obvious limitation:

With almost two hundred million citizens in the country and only about five hospital beds per ten thousand people (2015, World Health Organization), we cannot afford a full-blown pandemic. Last month, the USA had over 100 people infected with the COVID-19, by the 16th of April, they had over six hundred thousand people infected. Their resources are stretched. At the time of publishing this, the United Kingdom currently has a mortality rate of over ten percent of the people infected.  ….Nigeria must avoid a pandemic. We are not helpless, so we must start from what we have.

The smartest thing to do right now is to checkmate the virus and we can do this by preventing its spread. The Federal government issued a lock-down order for two weeks in the first instance. Please comply and stay home. The next thing is to wash your hands thoroughly and often. However, there are times when you may have to go out to restock on supplies. When you need to do so,

Please wear a mask.


Should You

Wear a Mask?

The Case for Masks

First, from what we know so far, the virus spreads through droplets shed by infected individuals when they sneeze, cough, speak. The virus can be spread by people even when they have no symptoms. This means people who do not know they have the virus, may be spreading the virus!

So, if everyone wears a mask, it will drastically reduce the rate of virus spread. If you have the virus, the droplets from your nose and mouth are contained when you go out. If you don’t have the virus, the mask provides some  protection from droplets directly from individuals or that may be airborne.

Secondly, when you compare the rate of infection of countries that started wearing masks early with those that did not, the data clearly indicates that wearing a mask greatly reduces the rate of person to person spread.

The Government has responded swiftly.

Let’s do our bit!

What Can You Do?

Stay at home!

Wash your hands frequently

If you must go out, wear a mask!

This website is set up to help you identify cloth mask providers near you. We are suggesting cloth masks, since there is a shortage of medical masks and they need to be reserved for the medical personnel and people who are infected, in accordance with the Ministry of Health’s recommendations.

We have compiled a list of locally made double layer cloth masks providers all over Nigeria.

If you want to make your own mask at home, we have some videos and tutorials here for you too.

While we have asked the tailors and mask manufacturers not to exceed the rate of N200 per mask, some people may not be able to afford masks. If you want to sponsor masks for people in your community who cannot afford them, please reach out to us and we can facilitate the mask production.

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